Counseling & Advising Sessions


Counseling & Advising Sessions

from 40.00

As an advisor, I specialize in arts counseling for independent and freelance artists, as well as non-profit organizations. Being an advisor is not a job, it’s just a channeled service from what we do naturally as human beings. However, by doing it in a deliberate manner, with carefully curated research and preparation, I can provide an extended level of support and/or guidance.

Services include:

General Advising Session | $75 (1 Hour Session)

  • In this session, I help you discover and clarify your goals and intentions as an artist, creator, and thinker.

  • Through thoughtful discussion and curated research, I help you to create a visual plan for achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Resume & CV Guidance | $40 (Artist CV) | $50 (Both Artist and Academic/Workplace CV) (45 Min)

  • With my Resume and CV guidance, I offer myself as a guide for creating a condensed, but concise layout for both your professional and artist resume.

  • Rather than do it for you, I will meet with you (in person or on google hangouts) and together, we will walk through your Resume and CV in an effort to teach you the correct ways to talk about your work, what to include and omit based on what you are applying for, and curating word choice to elevate your profile.

  • At the end of the session, you will walk away with a completed Resume and CV, including printed information for you to reference in the future

Grant Writing Counseling Session | $120 (1.5 Hour Session)

Note: It is highly encouraged that you have at least one proposal that you intend to apply for, in order for you to apply lessons from our session directly to your application process.

  • In this session, we will go over the process of formulating a grant proposal including:

    • How to write about your proposed project in a way that demonstrates a clear commitment to the project, the target audience, and a return for the granting committee

    • How to clearly define your goal, intended outcomes, and how you intend to measure the results of your work

    • How to properly, yet concisely, demonstrate your research and knowledge of your proposed project

    • How to locate alternate funding sources

    • How to structure your outline, proposal writing, and budget

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